Resident Rights

It is our policy that all those who find themselves in the care of this home, have a right to privacy and dignity.

It is our purpose that all residents achieve their potential emotionally, physically, socially and intellectual, as individuals. We do know that these needs may change as time goes by we will encourage independence.

Each resident will have self respect, this depends greatly in the support of others. Privacy is not only important but a right, so to is sensitivity, beliefs, respect and courtesy.

There will be no attempt to distinguish between the requirements of one group of residents and another. It will be recognised that this cannot be applied equally to every resident. We will recognise and respect all relationships, in particular for what is personal and private within and outside of the home.

Each resident will have the right to self determination and will not be regimented or subjected to ridged routines. Residents will have a choice even if there are risks, all those who are competent to judge the risk themselves will be free to make their own decisions, as long as they do not threaten the safety of others.

Staff will be responsible to needs and requirements of individual residents, they will provide for religious, ethnic and cultural observances, both dietary and ritual.

Staff will encourage all needs to help to express their wishes and preferences, and encouragement with access to external advice, representation and possibly advocacy.